April 17, 2023

What to look for in a laser receiver

So you want to use your laser level outside? But wait, you can’t see your laser beam anymore! What are you going to do? Cry? Lose the job? Buy a stronger laser level? Slow down there, buddy. There is a solution. It’s called a laser level receiver.

​Laser level receivers are an indispensable accessory and part of using your laser level on the job outside. If you don’t have a laser receiver; you will have to rely on the visibility of your red or green laser beam line or dot and in bright conditions. Now, unless you are Superman and you have x-ray vision, you are going to want to invest in the correct laser level receiver.

Laser receivers are not as generic as you may think, and not all laser receivers work with all laser levellers. So it’s worth us taking some time to talk about them and to find the most compatible receiver for your laser level.

Line lasers need to have pulse mode for a line laser receiver to pick them up. You need to note that these lasers can also pulse at a different rate to others. This means that one line receiver mos probably won’t work with all of them.

Rotating lasers will not work with pulsed line lasers, and vice versa.

Red laser and green lasers also operate at different frequencies and so red and green receivers are tuned to their specific frequency.

What to look for in a pipe laser

Topcon LSB10 group Laser machine control

So what exactly is a Laser Receiver? 

To break it down; a laser receiver is a device designed to detect laser beams generated from lasers which have become difficult to see due to distance or light conditions (the brighter it is, the harder it is to see a laser beam).

 What to look for in your Laser Receiver? 

When selecting your laser receiver, you want to look at the three D’s.


○Make sure your receiver has a hard or rubber casing. You want to make sure that just like any other piece of equipment in your toolkit; your receiver can go the distance (especially when the first-year apprentice is onsite!).

○You should also make sure that your laser receiver is water and dust resistant. No one wants to buy a shiny new piece of equipment to only have it ruined by regular on-site surroundings.

○Extended battery life. Don’t let your laser receiver die on-site! As well as extended battery life, look for a laser receiver with battery status so you can keep an eye on how much juice it has left before it konks out.


○Will you need your receiver to attach to a staff? Make sure that your receiver has the correct attachments or ability to be clamped to complementary devices.

○Does your laser receiver have an easy-to-read display? There are many options on the market at the moment – some offer little more than beeps to tell you how far you’re off grade, others read out the distance from target in 0.5mm increments.

○Make sure the receiver has a large ‘window’ or strip to read measurements. The longer the reader window, the greater range you’ll get to pick up the beam on your receiver (equals less waving your arms up and down to find the beam)


○As listed earlier; line lasers and rotating lasers need different receivers. Do your research and don’t get caught out.

○Different devices have the capacity for different types of work. If you want accuracy down to the half millimetre, look for a millimetre laser receiver such as the Topcon LS-100D. This advanced receiver tells you the exact distance to grade by the millimetre, or half a millimetre if you want it to be super accurate. So instead of just guiding you to grade with arrows and beams, it guides you there by numbers. Plus it comes with handy extras like magnets and a hold button so you can measure awkward spots where you can’t ready the screen and just hold the measurement so you can remove the receiver and still read the result.

Note: It is always best to look at complementary receivers when purchasing your laser level.

So there you have it. Durability, Design, and Device.

Now that you have the understanding to know what you’re looking for; where can you find a quality laser level receiver and what do the experts in laser equipment recommend?

Topcon Laser recommends 

If you’re looking for a versatile, durable, and easy-to-use laser receiver, look no further than the Topcon LS-80 laser receiver. The Topcon LS-80 laser level receiver is portable and compact. This handheld receiver allows itself to be used by a single operator across a selection of onsite projects day in and day out.

For All Your Laser Receiver Needs Pick Topcon Lasers 

Topcon Laser has the latest laser accessories you need to get your project levelled and completed. Give the team at Topcon Laser a call today on 1800 702 797 to find out more about how a quality approved and powerful laser tool will benefit your business and future projects.
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