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The LS-80L laser level receiver is a durable and high-quality piece of equipment

LS-80L Laser receiver

The LS-80L Topcon receiver is a handheld digital laser sensor, ideal for single crew teams working on a range of construction projects, from sub-base levelling to concrete finishing. The LS-80L Topcon laser receiver is compatible with most conventional rotating lasers, meaning you can have the power, accuracy and efficiency of a laser receiver operated from the palm of your hand. The LS-80L laser level receiver is a durable and high-quality piece of equipment, which can greatly enhance the scope, speed and versatility of your laser sensor work.


Features of the LS-80L Laser Receiver

The LS-80L Topcon receiver is notable for its versatility and durability. It has a lightweight, portable design that means a single operator can use it in a wide range of contexts. The LS-80L Topcon receiver is easy to use and read, with 5 levels of LCD display precision. The LS-80L digital laser sensor is also water and dust resistant, meaning it can withstand a range of conditions. It also has an extended battery life, which enhances the efficiency and productivity of the LS-80L Topcon laser receiver.

The LS-80L is an operator friendly, hand-held laser receiver. In order to enhance the usability of the LS-80L laser level receiver, it also features two-way communication technology to enable laser receiver information to be processed from a handheld device. The LS-80L laser receiver also has laser battery status and height alert features, enabling the operator to effectively monitor their work, and in turn improve speed and productivity. The LS-80L digital laser sensor is versatile, highly durable handheld laser receiver and is available for sale at a competitive price.

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For more information please contact us on 1300 965 273 or 
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