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TopCon Laser

Auto Levels - AT-B Series

Super Quick Levelling With Stabilised Line of Site

Auto Levels - AT-B Series

Topcon have two new, updated auto levels to replace the AT-B3 and AT-B4! The levels have been updated to feature a smaller, lightweight design while still improving the performance of the unit.

The AT-B Series of precision instruments utilise a finely tuned magnetic dampening system to provide unmatched durability and accuracy. Essential reliability when working near heavy equipment or busy highways, or where fine vibrations may be present. 

Completely new design, same compensator from AT-B2 series, lightweight at 1.5 kg m(3.3lb) A 13% reduction from previous version, easy to grasp (compact body), better visibility of horizontal circle, improved tangents/knobs, increased gear ratio for shock and vibration.

The Topcon AT-B Series Automatic Levels are available in 3 Models – 24x, 28x, and 32x Magnification.

TopCon Laser AT-B Series



  • Rapid, stable, durable compensator
  • Horizontal circle for measurement
  • 20cm - short minimum focus
  • All-weather dependability

    Kit Includes:

    • AT-B level Plumb bob
    • Hex wrench
    • Adjusting pins (AT-B2 only)
    • Vinyl cover
    • Cleaning cloth & lens cap
    • Hard case
    • User manual

      Get in contact about our laser level for sale

      We have the AT-B Auto Level available Australia-wide including, Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Hobart, Canberra, Cairns, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Adelaide. For further information about the Topcon Laser or the AT-B Series, we have for sale or would like to find out more about our surveying equipment contact our customer service team today.

      For more information please contact us on 1300 965 2737 or 
      For more information please contact us on 1300 965 273 or 
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