LS-100D Laser Receiver

Topcon LS-100D Laser level detector

Compact Digital Laser Sensor

The LS-100D digital laser sensor is the newest addition to the Topcon Laser receiver range. Drawing on the latest technology and innovation, the LS-100D digital laser sensor is designed for maximum convenience and reliability. It offers exceptionally high precision, with a digital readout of millimetres from grade. The LS-100D laser receiver is designed to improve the efficiency and speed of elevation and vertical alignment control in any application including site preparation, earthworks and drainage. The LS-100D digital laser sensor is a great combination of high quality, durability and versatility at a great price.

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Topcon LS-100D Laser level detector


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Increase speed and productivity

The LS-100D digital laser sensor is designed to increase speed and productivity on any job, by providing the perfect blend of operator-friendly technology and enhanced precision for elevation and vertical alignment control. The LS-100D Topcon receiver has 4 accuracy resolutions from ±0.5mm to ±10mm and a 90mm reception height for extra-wide beam capture sensor. This extra wide beam capture also has strobe-proof protection, so you can be confident you are getting an accurate and quick result.

Vertical and horizontal operation

The LS-100D Topcon laser level receiver has strong magnets embedded for vertical and horizontal operation, which is ideal for steel erections or excavation grade checking. The LS-100D Topcon receiver also has a number of operator-friendly features, including bright and large LCD displays (front & back) which are readable even in strong sunlight. It also has three coloured LEDs and a hold button for locking the display to read elevation results. The LS-100D Topcon laser receiver that is available for sale is the ideal partner for the RL-SV2S, RL-H5A, or the RL-200 series.

More visibility

It features an extra-wide beam capture sensor that also rejects annoying interference from strobe light exposures. The large and bright LCD displays (front and rear) feature 9-channels of grade information and digitally show the distance to on-grade. By pressing the Hold button, the display is locked so the user can conveniently read the results. For added versatility, three colored LED’s and a strong magnet mount are imbedded for vertical operation, ideal for steel erection or operator gradechecking while excavating.


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