Angle measuring device designed and manufactured from cutting-edge technology, Topcon Lasers theodolites available for sale are waterproof, dustproof and suitable for all weather conditions and environments. From site preparation and set-out through to concreting and drainage, the DT 300 theodolites are ideal for a broad scope of horizontal and vertical applications. With superior circle reading technology, Topcon DT-300 theodolites are renowned industry-wide for delivering more precise field calculations.

Advanced features of Topcon theodolites

When you invest in a DT-300 theodolite you will be impressed with the wide range of advanced features it offers. With a simple interface and large LCD screen that is clearly backlit, you’ll be able to make accurate measurements rapidly and efficiently. Offering 2 magnification choices, (30X and 26X), it enables you to change your focus to suit different tasks.

The optical plummet simplifies setting up over the control point and tilt sensor provides +/- 3 minute angle correction. This theodolite has an extremely low power consumption, offering an extended period of 45 hours of operation from only 4AA batteries.

For ease of use, the Topcon digital theodolite has dual quick sites which are located at both the top and the bottom of the telescope. The telescope is also designed to allow 360° rotation to avoid excessive manual handling to re-position the theodolite for different tasks in the same location.

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