Grade Lasers

At Topcon Laser, we supply the highest quality construction lasers, grade lasers, interior lasers, pipe lasers, automatic lasers, laser receivers and theodolites for a broad scope of building and construction needs. Our products are renowned for accuracy and reliability and are regularly used for all types of residential, industrial and commercial applications.

Precision & value for money

Topcon Laser offers four different grade laser levels for sale which perform in their various capacities and provide you with the best laser level.

The RL-HV1S and RL-HV2S grade laser is a great all-rounder, designed for versatility and for performing equally well on both interior jobs and outside construction projects. Whether you need it for horizontal, vertical, dual grade or single grade application, it will help you to work with speed and accuracy. It comes complete with a 5-year warranty from Topcon Laser.

The RL-200 series we have available for sale also comes with a 5-year warranty and is an equally durable model with a focus on precision and high-grade repetition accuracy. This model has a 7 arc second accuracy and can level to grades up to 25% and is available in both the single slope and dual slope variations.

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