Auto Levels

If you’re looking for an auto level that won’t let you down, Topcon level has the perfect solution in our range. Our automatic levels provide reliable readings in all conditions and is used by a wide variety of tradespeople on all kinds of surveying jobs. Our auto level surveying equipment comes with the Topcon Laser’s 5-year warranty providing you with a comfort that you are receiving the best out of your Topcon Laser level instrument.

Get the right auto level surveying equipment regardless of the conditions

Dealing with different conditions including weather especially during the colder months of the year, it can be difficult to work out the accurate level of your project needs. Weather can often affect your surveying equipment, and your builders level equipment is no exception. However, automatic level AT-B series have incorporated specialist suspension wires to minimise thermal expansion providing you with unmatched durability and accuracy for all your levelling projects.

It’s not just the weather that can affect your surveying either – sometimes when working near moving equipment and construction – especially those that cause heavy vibrations, sensitive accurate measurement can be affected. However, with the builder auto level range, you’ll find that the inbuilt magnetic damping system rectifies this very efficiently. It stabilises the line of sight, to ensure that there aren’t any incorrect figures in your levelling.

Whether the project at hand relates to earthworks, site preparation, drainage or concrete, this auto level is a great choice to get started. It can also offer ultra-short 20 cm focusing, which is great for those working every day that find themselves squinting to ensure they’ve got the level correct.

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