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TopCon Laser

Lasers building solid foundation in SA

Lasers building solid foundation in SA

Using a fleet of Topcon lasers for general construction and machine control applications, Kevin Prior from SA's Theo Agelis Constructions says his team is more efficient and productive.

South Australian construction company Theo Agelis Constructions is a family business that has operated for some 40 years and has now grown to become the State’s largest residential civil works and foundations contractor. The company employs 40 permanent staff and 20 or so subcontractors on a regular basis.

Theo Agelis Constructions has used Topcon lasers for more than 10 years and in keeping with its innovative mindset was one of the first in the country to try out the RL-H4C, Topcon’s latest general construction laser. They use the lasers to level sites at site cut stage, check depth and base levels when trenching and also when setting levels for the concrete pour.
In conjunction with its fleet of general construction lasers, Theo Agelis Constructions operates a number of machine-mounted Topcon laser receivers on their excavators and skid steer loaders for earthwork applications.

“Topcon lasers are extremely reliable and very competitively priced in the local market,” said Kevin Prior, Project Coordinator for Theo Agelis.

“Lasers definitely make our work sites more productive,” Kevin continued. “I don’t believe a laser replaces a guy on the site, they simply make him better equipped to do the same job more effectively.

“For example, an employee cutting a site will generally be working alone and with the aid of a blade mounted receiver he/she is able to check levels without getting out of the machine all the time. That means an accurately trimmed site in less time, which improves our productivity and makes everyone’s job a bit easier.”
When Topcon released the new RL-H4C model of construction laser, Theo Agelis Constructions was one of the first companies to get its hands on one.

The new model includes single slope functionality and long-range benefits, with a new 800m working range. It also boasts the longest battery life in its class, operating for 100 hours with the standard D Cell battery option and 60 hours with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

“Because the RL-H4C combines the slope functionality and long-range capabilities into a single laser, it is versatile enough to handle machine guidance, site grading, setting up concrete work for foundations and footings, checking excavations for pools, patios, fences, driveways and all types of remodelling jobs,” explained Ben Davis, Construction Products Manager at Position Partners, Topcon’s Australian Distributor.
“Topcon’s industry-leading five-year warranty, combined with the calibration and repairs service from Position Partners, makes Topcon lasers the most dependable products on the market,” Ben added.
Despite the massive five-year warranty Topcon gives to all its laser products, Kevin explained that Theo Agelis Constructions has rarely had to take advantage of it because the products are so reliable.

“The Topcon RL-H4C, like its predecessor the RL-H3C, is durable and able to withstand a bit of rough play on site. Providing you treat it with the respect needed we have had very few warranty issues over all the years we’ve been using Topcon lasers,” he explained.

“We have our lasers calibrated every six months by the local Position Partners team in Adelaide, unless an on-site incident means we need to get one repaired or serviced in between.'

Lasers building solid foundation in SA Product
For more information please contact us on 1300 965 2737 or 
For more information please contact us on 1300 965 273 or 
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