April 17, 2023

The Internet Agrees – Topcon has the Best Rotary Laser Level on the Market in 2020

Best rotary laser level RL-H5A

If you’re in the market to buy a rotary laser level for external applications on construction project sites – then you’re ultimately looking for a mounted red beam laser level that can rotate a full 360 degrees.  Sounds simple by design – but this is a specialist bit of essential hardware for a surveyor, builder, tradesperson, construction manager or foreman – and as a construction professional we know there are a number of brands you can choose from, that are manufactured globally and sold here in Australia.

Topcon construction grade lasers are sold in hundreds of distributor stores across Australia – and the reason we have so many distributors is because Topcon is the most recognised and widely used brands of construction rotary lasers in the Australia market and overseas.

As it would probably sound trite for us to convince you here that Topcon rotary lasers are the best on the market (without the proof to back it up) – we’ve collected up a number of references where independent, third-party sites, bloggers and businesses have reviewed and rated our rotary lasers as best on ground (pun intended).

Topcon RL H5A Number #1 of Top 10 Best Rotary Laser Levels in 2020 – Best of Machinery.

Best of Machinery.com believes that the Topcon Self-Levelling Grade Laser Level RL – H5A (and H5B in the same product series) is the most superior rotary laser on the market – citing its long working range, weather-resistant design and its ease of use, as the defining reason it outperforms so many other brands in its class. It has a 400m working range in every direction (800m in total range) – which exceeds its nearest competitor by almost 200ms.

 best rotary laser level

Topcon RL-H5A Rotary Laser – Best All-Round Laser of 2020 – #1 of Top 5 – Wisepick

Wisepick is a website dedicated to helping professionals make smart buying and procurement decisions for their business. They regard our Topcon RL-H4C (which has been superseded by the Topcon RL-H5A & RL-H5B) as the most reliable and accurate laser level on the market, citing our automatic height-of-instrument alert, slope matching, LCD displays, uniform rotation speed and long operating time as the reason it tops their 5 best rotary laser levels on the market. We agree with you Wisepick.

Topcon RL-H5A #1 of the 12 Best Laser Levels of 2020, Best All Rounder – Laser Level Hub

You’d think Laser Level Hub would know what they’re talking about, wouldn’t you? All they do is talk about, review, write about and sell laser levels. So as the preeminent authority on the subject it means a lot that they are calling our Topcon RL-H5A Self Levelling Laser Level the best overall rotary laser on the market in 2020. They cite the working range (800m) – the accuracy and quality of the hardware fabrication, as well as the extra-long battery life as the reason for the gold medal.

Topcon RL H5A Best Value of 2020 Favourites – Healthy Handyman

Healthy Handyman hands Topcon RL-H5A the bronze medal as best value for money, against other brands on the market in the rotary laser category. They reckon it’s rugged and incredibly fit for purpose – including the multipurpose laser for a variety of applications. It also calls out it’s self-levelling feature as very reliable. 

Topcon RL-H5A #1 of Top 13 Rotary Laser Levels – Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab is proud to provide unbiased and detailed reviews of some of the hottest technology and products available to construction professionals in the world. The site ranks our Topcon RL-H5A Horizontal Self Leveling Rotary Laser as a highly agile device suitable for a wide range of surveying, excavation and large scale construction tasks. It calls it versatile and accurate.

We are proud to be the Australian distributor of Topcon Rotary Laser products as the class leading rotary laser in its class, according the above independent sources. We’d also love to speak to you if you have questions or enquiries about our full range of laser levels. Click here for our full range of laser levels.

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